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Hi Melters
We are Becky and Simon. Together we created Enlight Home Fragrance.
Our mission is to become your 'go to' company for your wax melts and home fragrance needs. We combine modern, minimalist aesthetics with unbeatable prices.
We use only 100% soy wax in all the products that we manufacture. No palm wax, beeswax, herbicides or paraffin blends. As soy is a renewable resource, when you purchase our products you are simultaneously supporting the environment by choosing products which can be continually produced without damaging the ecosystem in which it is grown.
We have been making our own wax melts for a while. It was something we enjoyed to do with the radio on. Getting us away from the couch and TV. As we were quite sure that the melts we were making were every bit as good as those we used to buy, if not with a better and longer lasting scent throw, we thought ''why not give this a go, we should at least look into it.''
Whilst performing our market research, we learnt that the majority of melts available at most outlets contain only 5-7% fragrance. Which is strong enough to provide you with a few hours of scent throw. Each and every wax product produced by ourselves contain 10% fragrance, which is the very most the wax can carry.
This has provided many of our customers so far, an incredibly strong scent throw which has lasted, in some cases 3 or 4 burns from an 8 hour tea light.
Eventually we began to sell our melts locally and they were a big hit. We have since introduced our Hoover / Vacuum freshener disc and they seem just as popular with our clients and we are currently researching new, innovative ways to keep your home feeling fresher for longer.
Our goal is to have our products in as many homes as possible and have as many people as possible enjoying our work.
Please check our Facebook page and read the reviews yourself.
We also stock wax melters and oil burners and will be growing the collection as we gain more custom.
Please check back for regular additions to our fragrance list.
By buying our products, you support our journey and for that we say a massive thank you!!

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