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Blue Lenora Carpet Deodoriser - Enlight Home Fragrance

Blue Lenora Carpet Deodoriser

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Based on the popular fabric softener.

Our hand made special blend of Blue Lenora Carpet Deodoriser is the perfect way to prepare for a deep clean.

Simply sprinkle the Blue Lenora Carpet Deodoriser over your carpet or rug 5 minutes before hoovering up and have yourself a perfectly fragranced carpet.

Also works great on a mattress, giving you that 'freshly laundered bedding' feeling, every night. 

For added power to your scent throw whilst hoovering, why not look at our hoover disc fresheners here;

Store in a dry, cool place. 
Colour may vary from that shown in image
Use within 24 months
Weight is approximate as items are hand poured.
Despatch between 1 - 3 days. Usually same day.
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